DG: the agimouse adventure game.

Robin_Gravel Hi everyone.

Check out for my game using a mouse.


Or download the game:

I suggest to read the "dgmouse.txt" before playing because
it uses a mouse and there is no type in command.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Hey Robin thanks for putting out the game in english, now I should be able to understand what the game is about.  :)Happy Halloween.
AGI1122 Hey Robin I was takeing a look at your game when I noticed the clicking on the left side of the screen problem. I have fixed that bug with a tiny bit of programming in logic 0 under the unknown171(); command. You might want to add this bug fix to the other version of this game.
Robin_Gravel Thanks AGI1122.  You are a very nice person.

Thanks to Bjoern Oliver to find an other bug.

You may download my newest version using the same link. See my first message.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Thanks for the compliment.
AGI1122 Hey Robin I just finished adding both of your games DG and Serguei's Destiny to my web site plus there is pictures for them now. I am also planning on adding walkthrough's for them. Do you think you could write some walkthrough's for them. Thanks cya later.
Robin_Gravel Thanks AGI1122.

Sorry. I don't have the time to make walkthroughs for my games. I am too busy to finnish my games (not just agi games).

I left to someone else to write the walkthroughs.

Maybe Avi R is interesting to write them.

Robin Gravel
Nailhead Robin, couldn't you just convert the script into a walkthrough?
AGI1122 Well I can make one for the DG game since I beat it. I can make one for Serguei's Destiny if you can tell me where to find all of the stars. That is the only thing I never could figure out in that game.
Robin_Gravel Hi Nailhead.

Making walkthroughs are not my cup of tea. Making walkthroughs may ruin my games. If you are stuck in my game
just drop a line in this board and I will help you.

Hi AGI1122.

I suggest to begin the game from scratch to find the stars.

Star one: In the Turpin's house, you may find a star from a desk.

Star two: From the garden go to the north and take a star.

Star three: from the shop: go to east. Go on the rock path. Use Hocus Pocus spell to enter in the river. You'll find a star.

Star four: go in the well. Use the hocus pocus spell to turn you into fish. Go left. In the room with "Coco was here" written on the wall, don't use the hocus pocus spell now. From the right, seek out an hidden path to the top screen through the wall. You will find the fourth star.

Star  five: once you've got a talisman, go back to the shop. Go east twice. Go near the star et get it.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Thanks I will get to work on those walkthrough's as soon as I get a chance. Now I can finally see that special ending that I heard about while playing it.