Horror movie games

kingsquestfanatic Would anyone else here be interested in seeing some vga games being made of our fav horror movies? I know i would. i would love to see a friday the 13th, halloween, psycho and nightmare on elm street vga style game. Maybe some day someone will make some.
What do you think of this idea?
Kon-Tiki My favourite horror movie's Braindead and it'll stay my favourite horror movie forever, so you're asking me to see Braindead in SCI VGA? Impossible. Just plain impossible. As for Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho and the rest, that's pretty difficult, but when done right, really worth it (especially Psycho lends itself to it)
Eero R Hmm, I would want to see a Nightmare on Elm Street game in VGA...
FastaKilla I already have (poorly drawn) views for Freddy and Jason for my Bluntman & Chronic game, but it isn't a horror game. You can use them if you want (post e-mail if you want them).

Edit - These are not VGA, just SCI (like Larry 2)
The Ultimo If you want a horror game, you'd have to make a Hellraiser game. That would be awesome... having Pinhead and the Cenobites ripping people apart with hooks. Or Evil Dead... Ash, ripping people apart with his chainsaw. Or House... with the house ripping people apart with, well... um, it's doors.