Star Commander I help

Jones Whare do you get the coordiantes to the shuttle?

Star Commander I
Jones Could someone please reply to the above message?
Robin_Gravel Hi Jones

I stopped playing Star Commander I becaus it requiert exact words to play and it's not complete. The complete version should be in AGS.

Anyway here the hint:

At the first time, go to talk to Rebecca. She gives you the coordinates.

Robin Gravel
Jones What does the riddle say?
Jones How do you get into the city on Telbin?
I need answers.
Jones Please reply!
Jones Could someone please help me?
Half-Saint You know making replies to your own replies is kinda annoying..

anyway, I downloaded Star Commander I today but almost lost my nerves because it's so limited when it comes to using words different to what the author had in mind! For Christ's sake I couldn't even get past the guard in room No. 3 where I presume you have to throw the rock at something.. but what??

Anyway, to get the coordinates you have to talk to the blonde woman in room No. 2 right in the beginning of the game. She's the only one that will talk to you anyway..

Jones Would someone please help me. Would someone tell me how to get through the riddle in the cave.
Kon-Tiki Heh, never got that far myself ::) but I'll take a look in the code later today. The answer shouldn't be too hard to find in it ;D Just that I don't have the Studio here, nor the game... and actually am supposed to type a report at the moment >_> Bleh, check again later tonight and I'll try to have the solution for you by then ;)
Jones Is there a walkthrough for this game?
b hi guys !

downloaded the game some days ago ! nice but very limited in word ;(

you have to throw the rock on the antenna of the alien to kill it !

the coordinates of telbin are 32 52 23

right now i
Qixian I've got the dog (by GIVE HAM DOG, PUT LEASH DOG - ham can be found in Rebbeca's cabin), returned it to the girl (TALK WOMAN) and she "ran into the woods" dropping something pink and I just cant think of a word for this one (but I assume its connected to the marks on the mountain wall -far west screen), I've tried LOOK: FLOOR, GROUND, DOWN, FEET, PINK, PLANET, GRASS, AROUND, THING and none is working (not giving me any useful infromation about this object). Does anyone know what that f***** pink thing is? ???
cloudee1 I haven't played it but a pink thing a girl has dropped...hmm.. is it a ribbon, for her hair.

like I said I haven't played it so I don't know.
Sam Cormack Hehe, funny I'm not the only one to get stuck with that one. I think the atmosphere's great (although I found what I've seen of Telbin so far a little too un-SF-ish.) The fact that the game knows too little words and demands of you to guess what the pixel heaps are supposed to be on your own IS very frustrating indeed. Good thing, there's AGI studio! ;)

I got as far as the cave in Telbin, then checked the room code because I couldn't figure how to match the stupid finger rhyme to the candles ::)

I wonder what has happened to the project. Doesn't seem to get updated at all anymore (the AGS version.) Pity there's so many promising yet unfinished demos or nearly complete games out there. I'd love to play Operation Recon, Time Quest or the 13th Disciple.

Anyway, good to see someone is still interested in AGI except me; I thought after the hype over the last two or three years interest in AGI had faded completely.