Started making AGI-games again!

Sidrious play So! I canceld my first test-game Operation: Moonlight.
It really sucks! :P
I started to make new AGI-games again...
Now I want to ask if there r some good games for
looking how things like priorities really work and things
like that, because I forgot a lot! :-\

And I wanted to ask how I fix that run button on
Linux AGI-Studio...(is the normal AGI-Studio better?
I use Windows XP HomeEdition)

Thx! Sidrious play 8)
Oliver Well there was a topic about prioreties some while ago If I remember right. You can check out the pri. there.
And I know that Kon Tiki has a good drawing tutorial;) ;)

But I have no idea where you could look some code, maybe one of my games ;D (just kidding:P)

Sidrious play Why not? :)
Oh yeah! Ure right with Kon Tiki's tutorial.
I forgot about that...I'll download it.
I cant find that topic u wrote about. Can u create
a link plz?
Kon-Tiki Woo! Thanks. Didn't know anybody actually used that thing.

As for the link: Been sifting through the threads, but only thing I found is this. There should be more threads about this, but can't find them.
As for the best tutorial about priorities, check out Juha Terho's site
Sidrious play Oh! Thanks! :)