lildude2022002 Ok... I made a picture with a tree in it.  How do I make it a priority.

Please help a man in need.

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ACiDiC74 I was going to ask the same thing. Last night I downloaded AGI Studio and played around with creating a character and drew a rough background to play around with. This morning I was going to add the priorities and mess around with the logic stuff.

Unfortunately, I guess I don't understand the picture editor. I opened the background I created last night, then switched over to Priority view and attempted to draw some boundaries, but nothing seems to stick. Once I draw a line it disappears. I must be missing something somewhere. I've tried searching around, but the only "tutorials" I came across were either very vague (told what had to be done, but not how to do it) or the pages were not accessible.

If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great. I am anxious to continue learning this stuff.

Thanks in advance

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ACiDiC74 Hehe, I figured I'd stumble upon the answer once I asked  ;)

I didn't realize you had to right click on the color you wanted for the priority view. Silly me..sorry.

see ya
sonneveld Hi,

There has to be a FAQ for this messageboard.. because this question (or something similiar) is asked a lot.

I made a compilation of agi tutorial links a while ago so I'll paste another link here:

These are all known tutorial sites.