is version 4 support newer graphics card?

mjalan I just wanna to know will SCI Studio 4 run on the new computer. Because at the moment, I can't run any games that make by SCI Studio on my new laptop. But can run on my old (about 5 yrs old) laptop.
Robin_Gravel Sci studio is used to edit sci games only.

I don't think sci studio 4 will be used as an interpreter like freesci.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 I don't think that is what he was asking. If I am not mistaken he is wondering if the studio will work on his newer computer.

To tell the truth the interprerter works better on newer pc's than older one's. It has been know to have bugs with win98 and below. Not sure if they are or will be fixed or not in SCI Studio 4.

If you want to run your games on a new computer, I would recommend using freesci to run them.
mjalan Hi! Chris Cromer, you are absoutely right, that's was I am asking, well, first sorry for my bad English.
To be honest, I am tried freesci, the problem it is still in the alpha and beta stage and haven't updated for a long time, so that's why I don't want to use that...... 8)