Looking for musicians

Kon-Tiki I'm still looking for someone/some people that can make me music for Ninja Forever. Some of it should be in Japanese style (but I'll try to make them traditional Japanese songs, so no need to be able to make them), but they all must radiate certain atmosphere.
If you think you've got golden hands in midi (and can make the song go through the convertors without any problems) or with AGISE, please let me know and send me a sample of what you can to Raf@Pa-deletethis,it'sagainstspam-tat.org. Uhhmm... fairly good's good enough too ::)
Don't forget to mention the name you would like to be mentioned by in the credits.

Thanks in advance.
Joey why dont you just try searching for japanese midis then convert them?
Kon-Tiki Got a site full of them, but I can only use a few of them (those things can drive a person nuts), so I don't only Japanese midis.