Brand Newbie to AGI

jmann06405 Fellow AGI-ers,
I have been scanning all the tutorials on the PICEDIT, and am missing something. I was attempting to do 2 things-
1. open a picture in PICEDIT so I could edit it, and
2. create a new picture and assign priorities to it.

I created a new picture, and I understand that the TAB key switches views in AGIeditor, but all I see is a maroon screen with no indication of what I drew!

Would someone take me through the basics of the drawing, step by step? I am obviously missing some very basic and necessary steps.

AGI1122 The white screen is where you draw your "visual" picture.

The red(maroon) picture is where you draw control lines and priorities, which are not seen, they just control the way the picture. For instance drawing a black line on the red screen will make that a line that the ego cannot pass when walking.

I am sure someone will be along with some sort of tutorial on drawing pics, this was just some info on the 2 types of screens in AGI.
Jason Mann Thannk you for your reply. I understand the difference between the two screens and their functions. My question is this-how do you make the priorities match with the visuals? Is there some sort of copy and paste?

In other words, how do you make the guidelines and priorities match EXACTLY where the Visuals are?

AGI1122 By looking at the visual picture, while drawing on the priority screen.

Left click = draw to visual screen
Right click = draw to priority screen

So look at the visual screen and use the right button on the mouse to draw, you won't notice any changes, but as soon as you go back to priority screen you will see the new priority stuff.
Joel to make that 100% clear:

when you select a color with the left mouse button, you are selecting the Visual Screen draw color.

when you select a color with the right mouse button, you are selecting the Priority Screen draw color.

when you click on the drawing area with the left mouse button, you are drawing on whichever screen or screens currently have a color selected for them.

So, if you left click black and right click green, then when you draw a line in the drawing area you are drawing a black line on the visual screen and a green line on the priority screen. If you want to stop drawing on one of the screens, you click the off button with the appropriate mouse button.
Kon-Tiki I'll tell you a trick I use. I first draw the visual, then go through the history (by using home, end and the arrows left and right) to see where I need to put priorities. To make them match exactly with the visual screen, I go back in the history until I'm right before that line/colour/dot/whatever appears on the screen and right-click the priority colour it should have.