Your favorite AGI/SCI game.

AGI1122 So here is a good question what AGI game and SCI game from Sierra is your favorite.

Here are mine:

AGI: Space Quest 2
SCI: Space Quest 3
SCI VGA: Space Quest 5
Nailhead Good question! Hmmm, I'd have to say...

AGI: Police Quest 1
SCI: Hero's Quest 1
agi: gold rush
sci: colonels bequest / codename iceman / kq4
Chad Goulding Hmmm...

my favourite AGI is probably Space Quest 2 since I played it a lot when I was young so there's lots of nostalgia associated with it. However, over the years I've grown to love Police quest too. Lytton just feels like a living town.

Hero's Quest has to be my favourite SCI game. I've completed it so many times.
Robin_Gravel Hi.

AGI: Space Quest 1 & 2.

SCI: Space Quest 3.

SCI VGA: Space Quest 4.

Because I like the science fiction themes.

Robin Gravel
Icabod I believe King's Quest 3 is the best AGI game ever made.

My favorite SCI game was always LSL 2.