new kings quest game idea

kingsquestfanatic I had an idea for a game. after KQ6 life goes on as usual and either alexander or cassima could have gone to do something or visit someone, and while they are gone, shadrack could have resurrected mordack,set alhazred free and the rest of their society could have used magic to captured all the inhabitants of the isle of the crown,isle of wonder,isle of the sacred mountain, isle of the beast and the isle of mists. and upon returning alexander or cassima notice the island to be desserted. shops empty,castle empty, ghost town like. so they have to take the magic map from the pawn shop which could just be on the desk or behind it and have to go to the other islands to investigate what happened.
Just a rough idea i have. let me know what you think.
sonneveld eh.

- Nick
Paladinlover Very... interesting, but it needs work. I'm sure that a game can be made of this, but the plot is kinda weird. I mean, if all the Islands get taken over, why exactly would the town be desserted? Unless the Villains have transported everyone to another place, it wouldn't make much sense, and there comes the fact that it's a little hard to believe that Alexander or Cassima could just come back to the Islands without Mordack/Alhazred and the rest finding out.

Also, there is another slight problem. You see, there were two ways to end King's Quest 6, one of them involved going to the underworld and saving Cassima's parents, the other one was just to enter the castle in disguise as a girl. And as you can tell, the endings are not the same.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm sure that your idea can turn out to good. But as I said before, it's going to need some more work :)

Till next time stay cool 8)
kingsquestfanatic i absolutely agree. What made me think of the idea of the islands being deserted was...well have any of you ever played soul blazer for the snes? well i liked the idea of how death toll had imprissoned all the inhabitants of earth as well as the buildings and such. but for kings quest i would rather the buildings stay and have it ghost town like. and as far as either cassima or alexander not being seen would be that shadrack and the rest of the villans wouldn't be on the island they could be on an island that wasn't know about to either the people of daventry and the people of the land of the green isles. and in order to get to that island, tasks would have to be done.(almost like a mystery game somewhat) and in regards to the 2 different endings for kings quest 6 i guess there might have to be an option to play from the state of having rescued cassima's parents and another option of starting a game from the ending of not saving her parents. so there could be different outcomes to each game. but all wrapped into one, so that it isn't 2 seperate games. like i said just an idea i like getting input on what others would want to do with this type of game.
Kon-Tiki Played Soulblazer. The idea of having more and more citizens return the further you get in the game's appealing.
There's one thing I'm missing though. What's the motivation of the villains to kidnap the whole community? They must be plotting something... if the reason is because they're just evil... well... that reason sucks.
Also, if their motivation's right, you can get either Alexander or Cassima to go on an urgent mission, thus wearing a cloak of invisibility, so that they won't be bothered by other beings along the way, thus escaping the villains.
I know, Cloak of Invisibility... it's pretty weak, but it's just an idea that you can work out to fit better in with the series.
Perica I like it.

You could use original background / character graphics from Kings Quest 6 (with slight improvements / additions, and maybe a few new ones for new places in the game), unless you can draw better graphics than that. I think that having the old Kings Quest 6 style and feel to the game would be nice, but that's up to you.

I don't like the idea of selecting two different "routes" of the game at the start. Why involve Cassima's parents at all in the game? Just leave them out. But you could put in something like two (or even more, although it'd involve quite a bit of work) possible endings (like in Kings Quest 6);

As someone said, it's a interesting idea - but can definately use some work.
The Ultimo Isn't there a KQVII already? ???
Kon-Tiki KQVII doesn't fit in the whole of the series, is kiddies stuff and not really worth the name Kings Quest. It's the shame of the series (presuming that KQ8 isn't even concidered being in the series)
rwfromxenon Raf's right. KQ7 just didn't fit. It was just a [emphasis] weird continuation of KQ4. [/emphasis]
kingsquestfanatic I think a reason for shadrack/mordack/alhazred and the rest of the villans to imprisson all the inhabitants on the islands would be that they are ticked off that the royal family of daventry and the family of the castle of the crown stopped their plans for taking over so now they have come up with a plan to imprisson them all and try to take over the land of the green isles and the kingdom of daventry and they have completed getting rid of everyone on the islands now they are devising a plan to go to daventry to take the kingdom and alexander/cassima must rescue the people, and stop the villans. and also a thought that maybe alexander/cassima could go to graham and tell him what has happened at the islands and he could go to kolyma to ask calldaur for some help in stopping them.
Just an idea lol
Kon-Tiki Now that would be stupid, even for dumbass villains like in that 60's Batman show. Ruling over a place with noone to rule over ::)
How about they've brainwashed everybody and they're not acting out of their own free will anymore?
cloudee1 That's an easy one they have brain washed everyone in order to use them as manual labor to find whatever on the Second secret isle.

You can come accross people as you progress through the puzzles...people working to gather spell ingredients to go with the something on the the island picking mint , or getting snap-dragon teeth, fly's wings, or eagle feathers.

or instead of making a new island you could just use the queens' castle, it wasn't a place for humans.
Robin_Gravel Are you working your King's quest in VGA?

Robin Gravel