Corby Hey all, I'm on a new group project. I'm in charge of art for the moment. I drew this pic, and I could use some critisism for improvement. The game is a Quest For Glory fan project, in SCI!!! Members are needed for the project too! Especially programmers! Check out the website
Also, don't forget to check out the pic!
Corby Alright! My attachment worked! So I may as well try to recruit some members! We need programmers above all! Also, plot developers and music composers! (midi or course) I think this game has great potential! Come on and join the team! :)
Shifty Umm i cant find your pic sorry. ??? but it sounds like it might be a good game.
Corby Isn't there a zip file in my first post?
cloudee1 Hey boss I am not going to comment on the overall design of your artwork, if it has the feel or style that you are hoping to come across then it's perfect, if it's not then keep working.

Here are a couple of VERY SMALL details as far as your composition goes,

* The light colored tree on left looks like it should show
just underneath the plant by the right of the base.

* The little tree limb on the upper right needs a little

But the art and decision are your's or your group's.
Eigen I could help with programming, but not full time. I've got to finish my own games as well. But you can count me in if you want.

And this picture looks so great. Bu the water should have a bit more mixed colors. White > White/Cyan > Cyan > Cyan/Blue > Blue > Blue/Navy > Navy , instead of just White > Cyan > Blue > Navy

Shifty O sorry sorry sorry! i thought u ment it was on your website! lol stuped me. im downloading it now.............
Shifty That looks really really good! I like the shading you did with the sand and water. Looks like something Sierra would make (dont worry thats a complament). 8)
nio Great Picture!!!
So, you search for programmers? Well, i never user SCI Studio but i got some experience with AGI and i am able to code in C/C++ and assembler. I think i could learn SCI if you need help and i would learn SCI if the project is going to be a professional game project. Just tell me if you are interested.
Corby Thanks everyone!! Check out the website Nio! We'd be glad to have you on the team! The game will be as professional as possible and full length. I'm not the leader of this project, but from what I hear, it will be as close to QFG 1 and 2 as possible in terms of it's rpg style, and qualities! Email kalikay (His email is on the website) and I'm sure he'd be thrilled for you to be involved in the project!
Corby BTW Eigen, I know you'd be a valuable asset to the team, even though you have your own projects. Any help would be great!
Kailkay As Corby said, we need a *LOT* of people to join us. We've got... well, I guess the two of us (The other guy, well, he messaged me once, so...). Persons of any field of work are welcome to help out. You won't be getting paid, as I have no income, but I promise you, the game'll be free, and worth every ounce of effort that we, the team, put into it. I would love to have some plot people to help me out in that department, Corby no doubt would like a few people helping him with the art stuff, and I'd love a permanent programmer or two. MIDI's that you compose are *always* welcome, so long as they're original, and not being integrated to some other game. That'd be great.

Okay, okay, so I know my wish list is a bit extensive, but hey, I think it'll be fun. Email me what you think, and if you think you'd like to apply to my team at As well, the website is

Corby The moderators can get rid of my zip file anytime. It's on the website now! :)
Scigeek2003 Amazing! :o I bet with a team effort you will make this game a success! I wish you luck!
The Ultimo I can help with some bg art, character art and also maybe some programming. I haven't used SCI for a while, and I have to remember how everything works, but it shouldn't take too long.

If you want to see some stuff i've done, have a look at my site tdrDESIGN or also checking the AGS forums and doing a search for posts by The Ultimo. I've got a few pics over there, not SCI, but stuff done with Photoshop.

Email me at
Corby Ultimo! We could always use those skills! Email Kalikay at
We need you! :)
KLK He already has. :)