Police Quest 1 VGA File Extractor

dam-soft Is there any tool that can extract files from PQ1 Remake resources? ???
Det. Carey :-) I tried SCIResDump with the new PQs, but it crashed with PQ1 SCI and PQ3. It *did* extract a few files, but then always crashed. Strangely enough, it worked perfectly with PQ: Open Season, and extracted all its resources - I tried it with the English floppy, US CD and European CD versions, and it processed each one successfully. Perhaps it works better with SCI32 than the format used by PQ1 and 3.
Drigo You can extract and edit Police Quest I remake data using my program TraduSCI. Download links are available in the SCI Tools thread on this forum, I'm too lazy to post them once again :) Sorry, program is Italian only, but enclosed tools to extract PQ data are in English, however.
dam-soft I've already try a SCIResDump.exe program, but it also cannot extract files from PQ1Remake. It shows only some errors or creates huge files. I cannot configure it correctly. :'(
Can someone help me how extract files from PQ1VGA resource file? ???
What I need to write on console to run SCIResDump correctly with PQ1VGA resource file? ???
Drigo You can't use SCIResDump to extract police quest data, you'll have to use Sci Decoder VGA. A modified version is enclosed within the TraduSCI archive, I hacked it just to view PQ remake data.
dam-soft Thanx Drigo. ;D
Your hacked version SCI Decoder works great. I extracted almost all data from PQ1VGA resource file, only pic p56 files cannot be decoded.
Thanx a lot. :D