rpg editor

david I just found this sweet rpg editor so instead of making an rpg with agi i could make it with better graphics. http://rpgtoolkit.com/
this is a really easy to use program that has a tutorial the comes with it! try it once and you'll be hooked
david would anyone like to make an rpg with me? email me
Nailhead Looks promising, very interesting indeed. I'm gonna take a look at this one. Can't say that I can jump into an RPG project while still writing an AGI game, but it does look intriguing.
sami tervo whoa, forget it. if you wanna see really good rpgeditor,checkout http://rm2k.phantomrpg.com/.
rpg maker 2000 got some kick. theres also other rpg editors. but rm2k rocks. that program that apocalyptic quest(check out oldest messages in this board)  is done with.
Robin_Gravel No way.

You need a drawing program to make my own pictures, background, characters....

Using pictures enclosed with rpg will get boring unless you're
not played a rpg maker game from the internet.

RPG maker 2000 is out for me.

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel Oops! I mean your own pictures not my own pictures.

Robin Gravel
Nailhead I suppose that it's okay for a first-time game designer who has no artistic abilities. There are a lot of tools out there that are good for learning experiences. I personally wouldn't use it because I'm not into making a "quick & dirty" rpg, I'd want to design all of the art work. In fact, I'd still be interested in creating it in AGI.
sami tervo did u even look at it? if you read some help and faq-files, youll notice that you can adjust pretty much rm2k-game.
you can make all graphs by yourself to rm2k. and although it has basic structure, where rpgmake should be built on, theres lots of possibilities to modify it significantly.
Nailhead I just had a chance to download it and look it over, and whoa! I'm impressed. The degree of freedom over the graphics/music/sfx/programming is really amazing. I was wrong in what I said above. I may be playing with this new toy. :)