AGI Demo Pack #4 -- TANDY

Brian_Provinciano I was sniffing through the logics of Demo Pack #4 when I came across this interesting tidbit. Open up logic.001 and scroll down to where it has "set(f226);". Simply comment it out, compile and run. What will it say? In big letters, "TANDY", in place of the standard "Sierra" text. Hmmm...interesting. I wonder if some exist like this normally? I guess we'd never know for sure unless original official disks were found.
Brian_Provinciano I've found a lot of bugs. Sierra must've whipped together this demo pack very quickly. Here are some...

1: start the Gold Rush demo, wait for it to get to the screen with the boat. Use the arrow keys to crash it off track and go haywire!
2: start the Leisure Suit Larry demo, when in the screen at the bar, press "m" to go back to the menu. Select Larry again, when the bar screen comes on again, larry sitting down will be flikers of different views including the picture on the wall, another guy in the bar, etc.
3: the leisure suit larry demo clears two rows of text as white. go back to the menu by pressing "m" and you'll notice it didn't clear it back to black.

Not major bugs, but interesting none the less.
Eero R I got a disk image of AGI Demo Pack 1 from my father (so there probably were original demo disks, or they were distributed as disk images), and the TANDY trick works with that one too.