When I save it crashes

cloudee1 Hey has anybody else had this problem,

either when I run game from inside scistudio or if I run my game independently when I try to save game it either ocks up and I have to restart program, or sometimes I get a

"16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem error" which says that
"the NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0027 IP:01fb OP:ff fc c0 of 00 choose close to terminate the application"

The game does save but the program always closes at that time.
Robin_Gravel Do you use Windows XP?

Use FreeSCI unstead to play your sci game,

Robin Gravel
Eigen Does this happen only with your game, or with all the SCI games?

cloudee1 Actually I got the game to stop crashing:

see I have scistudio in a folder on my desktop as well as the game I am working on(different folders), it seems that the problem comes about because of the tree.

C:\Documents and Settings\Cloudee1\Desktop\My Stuff \Games N Such\Search

if I run "The Search" from the desktop folder when I save then it crashes, if I move the game so that the folder is directly in the C drive then the game doesn't crash at all.