AGI Logic Programming Tutorial

AGI1122 I have put up an AGI Logic tutorial on my web site. I hope all of yall like it. Thanks to the Sarien team and Nick Sonneveld for the help with the unknown commands. I also put up a zipped version of it just in case any one might want to download it.
Nailhead I just wanted to say... Excellent work!
AGI1122 Thanks Nailhead.

I did this for people wanting to get into AGI Logic Programming but haveing trouble with the syntax. I remember when I first started about 3 years ago I had no clue as of what to do but little by little I taught myself the language from examining the template game. Then I learned the rest from AGI Studio's Help File.

I had started in AGI 3 years ago but had not made myself publicly known till this year. Hopefully my tutorial will help anybody that wants to get into a AGI Logic Programming.