DOS emulator

Dave Is there such thin as a dos emulator that will let you run dos games in a window?
AGI1122 freesci ;)
collector DOSBox
Det. Carey ;-) DOSBox official, DOSBox beta, DODge, Bochs.
Eero R VMware and Virtual PC...
Brian_Provinciano I personally love Virtual PC. It is just so incredible in that it can run everything from the original DOS with Win101, GEM, VisiOn, etc. to WinXP and all the Linuxes! It's fantastic! I actually used it for screen shots of SCI games once as XP doesn't allow DOS graphical captures (though later I just started using a DOS TSR, but still, it's all good).
altair I personally like NAGI. it works for agi games like kings quest 1-3, space quest 1-2 etc. Just make sure you put the game folders into the the NAGI folder. it'll automatically sense what games it can play.