ebay GOOD

sonneveld I finally managed to get my hands on a digital camera so check out what I put together from auctions on ebay:


yep, I'm missing police quest I know.

- Nick
rwfromxenon Wow! That's a great collection! I got all of my games through the collector's cd's, so I haven't really seen the boxes.
Eero R Hehe, my boxes look much worser... :'( Then again, I have Police Quest. ;D
df whats on the goldrush sticker? its different from mine...

is DDP shrinkwrapped?? coz i still havent found a PROPER working version (i still maintain the 2.272 interpreter is not the correct one for this game....)

also missing

(my box cover too btw...)

is your boxed kq4 teh agi version??
sonneveld I should do some proper stats...

Goldrush is the macintosh version. I haven't got a mac and i don't think the format is compatible with pc drives. I should hunt around for a mac and get a nice working mac interpreter off it.

DDP is the tandy version so it might be alright to use on the pc as well.

that starter pack looks sweet and i might go looking for it along with police quest when i have money again.

Kings Quest 4 is for the pc and the apple ii gs so I'm assuming the gs version is agi.

- Nick
Oliver WHOA!! ;)

Wish I had a collection like that:P
Andrew_Baker Nick, you should remember that AGI variants don't even work on Macs OS 8-9, so you'd need System 7 or earlier to run that. Also, Linux has no problem reading Mac files, AFAIK.
Brian_Provinciano Does anyone have any official floppies with the AGI demos, or original floppy disk versions of SCI demos? I know they released some of the SCI demos on the collection pack CDs, but what about the original floppy demos disks?

BTW Nick, the PCs can write certain Mac disks, such as the ~1.44 mac ones, but not the 400 or 800K ones. What I did was simply install a disk image writer on one of my Macs and copy 400/800K images using 1.44 floppies to it. Then I'd write them to disks formatting them as 400/800K. Just remember to put tape over the corner of the disk for 400K (and maybe 800, can't remember) like you would formatting a PC 720K using a 1.44, unless you have original 720K disks. That's how I got my System 1.0 disks working on my original Mac128K. I'll dig up the disk image utilities as well as the PC/Mac floppy reading/writing utils for you and send them to you if you want (for when you get a Mac).
sonneveld ahh.. nice Brian. I'll take you up on that when I find a handy mac. thanks!

Were there official floppies or was it just a BBS/online distribution?

- Nick
Brian_Provinciano Ah yes, BBSes! I'm pretty sure that was the main distribution of them, but I heard rumours that stores such as Radio Shack would have them on their Computers for sale to show off their capabilities. If this is the case, surely there must be some kind of official disk Sierra sent to the stores or computer manufacturers? Hmmm... I hope so, they would be a great thing to add to a collection!