How do I take control away from ego

cloudee1 Ok
I've got a view of my ego chillin on the bed, when you say sit down then the other view comes up and ego hides, and vice versa when you say stand up, Even though my ego is hidden you can still manuever him out of the door, how do I take away control, so he'll just stand there invisible, immovable, until I show him again.

(send gEgo:hide())
)(else Print("You are already on the bed!"))
(send gEgo:show())
)(else Print("You are already not on the bed!"))
Robin_Gravel ProgramControl() // The player loses the control
PlayerControl() //The player gets the control back

Robin Gravel

cloudee1 Robin so close,
I want the player to still be able to type. the program control took away all control. I just want to take away the ability to inadvertanly move their hidden ego
Brian_Provinciano I could tell you, but instead, I'll tell you how to figure it out yourself, which will lead you to the path of becoming a better programmer.

In the template, I have two procedures for these tasks, one being PlayerControl, and one ProgramControl. They enable/disable player input, and enable/disable player movement. So, if you want to know how to do disable one, but not disable the other for example, all you need to do, is go into my script in the template, scroll to the two procedures, and see what they do. There you will find your answer.

(procedure public (ProgramControl)
...<magic revelation!>

(procedure public (PlayerControl)
...<magic revelation!>

*hint* is has to do with the User class.

Feel free to continue asking questions of course, but knowing how to figure these things out on your own make the possibilites of you game endless. You can tweak out SCI to do stuff no one else has done yet!
cloudee1 Ok Brian,

I checked it out I took the obvious first step and my fears came true in that the player could seriously disrupt an animation scene by in putting commands thus

Now it's time for the obvious second step which leads me to my question, is this the only place that these two commands are defined, for instance if I were to add, something like PartialControl is this the only place I have to modify.

I'm going to try while I wait so if I'm right there is no need to respond.--- Later On ---

Ok I added PartialControl and everything works great, thanks for your help Brian, Robin.