Eco Quest I - Absence makes the Heart go Yonder

Pikachu14 That thread title is NOT a pun. The picture resource for Crispin's House is in there, first one in the list!
AGI1122 It's common for Sierra games to have publicity for their other games. The most memorable examples are KQ2(you get a SQ1 demo when you look in the hole in the rock), and in SQ1AGI there was a KQ parts, and in SQ1VGA there was longbow parts.

So I bet that there is a KQ5 ad in Eco Quest 1.
Pikachu14 But is it an ad or just a remnant? If it were an ad, shouldn't there be more KQ5 bits?
AGI1122 Well there might be more, check the views, other pics, text resources, and parts of the script. If it is an ad, it could be a really short one, so don't think you will find alot of resources for it.
Pikachu14 I checked all the views and a whole lot of text. No KQ5 views in there.

BTW: I used SCI Decoder.
HwM It's an ad, I'll tell ya...

I think you can see it when you turn on the computer at Adam's house... The KQ5 screen turns up and some message displays, something like "No time to play KQ5 now, Adam!"...
Pikachu14 No shit.

If I wasn't using the wrong computer now I'd try that right now.