FM Towns Sierra Games

Omer Mor Hi,
I found out from a serious collector that there are FM Towns versions of KQ5 and Mother Goose (and probably others).
If someone's willing to buy it - he's selling mother goose (original) for 100$ + shipping. I don't have he money, but I am very curios about this.
I want to know if anyone here has some information about those ports.
BTW - for those who never heard of the FM Towns: it's an old Japanese multimedia computer with cd-rom drive that had some games made especially for it, and are quite rare and unique. The most famous example is a version of the game Zak McKracken that has 256 colors and cd-audio music. Another cool game is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which also had very good orchestarted cd music.

And slightly related - there is another rare port of sci0 qfg1 for a different japanese computer called PC98.

any information about any of those games (and others) will be welcome.


Brian - I guess your new Sci studio won't support those versions, right? unless they have exactly the same resource format.
Brian_Provinciano It's likely that it would support them, though I have no way of testing as I don't have them. It supports everything from INN LSCI to Amiga SCI to 16 colour versions of the VGA games, to SCI32, etc. Amiga used a special bitmap encoding method and special palette format different from all others. However, all other SCI ports seem to be the same as the PC.
Omer Mor Good to know.
I am trying to get any of those FM Towns games, and whenever I do, I could send you some sample resources for testing (OR - if I'm lucky - the new SCI Studio will be out by then, and I could test this myself :-)