Specifications and information about the SND format in SCI32?

Vess I was trying to convert a few .SND files extracted from a SCI32 game to regular MIDI files, and, of course, found out that there are no utilities that could convert them yet... so, I thought of writing one on my own, if I could find some information. Are there any specifications of the newer SND format(s)? So far, I only found the description of SNDs used in the older SCI (and there is a converter for those). What are the differences between the new and old formats? Is it enough to, as was the case with the old SND files, basically replace their header with a MIDI header, or are they e.g. a completely different format?
Tony I'd love to see a program to convert the new SND to MID, too. More than any other SCI1/32 related utility. Maybe the author of the old SND to MID and Soundbox, Ravi, could help, but I don't think he visits these boards or is even interested in SCI anymore...
AGI1122 Brian Provinciano, Ravi, and Lars are the only people that know enough about how the sound works to be able to give you the specifications. So you can wait till one of them replies... or did what they did to figure it out. Study the SCI engine and reverse engineer it. ;)