Sound effects

happyturk I'm currently working on an AGI project that's going fairly well... at least in the sense that everything I want to do and want it to be, I can see how to do it, and see the logical path from start to finish.

Except for sound.

It seems like it should be a trifling thing to create sound effects for, say, a helicopter, a phone ringing, a crash, the sound of cyanide leaking into a room... ;D

I'm evil.

But I'm still at a loss. Anyone out there know a reasonably simple way to generate these effects, or anyone out there *capable* of creating these effects for me? I'd give full sound credit if the damn thing ever gets off the ground.

AGI1122 I used to have that problem too I could not get my midi's to turn in to rol then turn the rol into snd files. So now I use Visual AGI to make the sounds for my games it is kind of hard useing the program though since it is only a beta.