Problems with King's Quest IV

Robin_Gravel Hi folks

I got '0x80/653 not found' message when Rosella's going to the waterfalls.

Robin Gravel
Lars Skovlund Hi Robin,

This is a bug in the game - a missing file. Sierra sent out a patch for it long ago.
I'll send you the file in private mail.

df what versions of kq4 does this affect??

i only have the really ancie sci version. did that one have the bug in it?? is this a freesci bug only?? as I completed that old kq4 several times....

Robin_Gravel On of the 4 diskettes, it says:

ver #-.---.---
Int #-.---.---

To DF: I also completed the game many times with my 486 (when selecting 8 mhz, not the full speed).

Robin Gravel

Note: I removed the version because I begin to receive
'I don't have this version please send it to me'