Sound in SCI EGA

AGI1122 What's the biggest sound resource the SCI EGA interpreter can handle? When I am trying to load this sound I made from a midi, SCI Studio gives an error saying it's too big for the SCI interpreter to handle.

So I got to wondering what's the biggest size it can handle? And is there anyway to load the sound into my game? Or can I get somebody to cut it down(I didn't make the midi... so I don't have any tools to change it).
Brian_Provinciano How long is the sound? It's often not the length though, AFAIK, it could just have too many channels in it as well. I'd always had trouble converting MIDIs to AGI or SCI, because the MIDI format is a little like the AVI format, in that just because they're AVI, doesn't mean they are normal AVI--the could be divx, xvid, 3-vix, mpeg-2, dvd-mpeg, etc. Many MIDIs are varied formats, and can't be converted simply.

I think you need to get a midi editor and strip it down and/or convert it to standard midi.

Ravi created the Sound utils, and Lars knows everything about SCI right down to the smallest detail, so they both should be able to answer your sound questions.
How long is the sound?
About 4 mins, it's the opening song of the tv show I am basing the game on.

I read up on Ravi's site, according to it, 64kb is the maximum size of a sound resource... which is why these won't load in SCI Studio(they are about 80kb after converted to a sound resource).

I think my best solution would be to find some tool that can cut the midi's in half, then play half, and when it's finished play the other half. You know of any good tools that I could do this with?(just asking before I go searching with google)

And the midi's converted just fine to the sound format, SCI Studio was the only problem because it wouldn't load the resource(I am guessing because the EGA interpreter can't handle ones bigger than 64kb? Will the VGA interpreter be able to handle sounds of larger sizes?)