How do I change views w/o ego going on green?

Scigeek2003 [color=LimeGreen]
How do you change a view without having the ego go on any control color? Like in one of the levels he is in a classroom, and
when the teacher stops talking and the bell rings I want to make it go to l
"level" 3. Like in alpond 2 when you talk to the woman.
Please help!!!
cloudee1 Hey Geek ;D
Look towards the bottom of the post by Robin, "Problems with this script", I just posted some script on there which may help you along the way ;)

I'm just learning how to script so there may be prettier ways to do it, but so far it this chunk here has gotten it done.
Scigeek2003 [color=Teal] Thank you It works! ;D [/color]
Thank you for helping me!