Trying to use locals

cloudee1 ok I'm trying to use local variables butit's not quite working like I thought is there a step that I am missing?

I've got this- under the (use)'s:
I've got this with my (init)'s:

I've got this mith my (said)'s
(if(== (send gEgo:onControl()) ctlLIME)
(send gGame:changeScore(3))
(send gTheMusic:number(2)loop(1)priority(-1)play())
Print("The trap has been taken!")
(send gEgo:get(INV_TRAP))
)(else Print("Try standing closer!"))
)(else Print("I already have it!"))

when I am in the room it works fine, but if I return to the room the trap has been replaced, and you are able to get it again, I assume that something needs to go in global but I don't know what?
Robin Gravel (not logged) Hi cloudee1

I noted it me too.

SCI is always reset any local variables when you leave the room and back.

You'll need the global variables to use.
Put TRAP_IN_CABINET in the Here the code:

gEgo               /* points to the ego's class */
gGame               /* points to the game instance */
gRoom               /* points to the current room instance */
gSpeed = 7               /* the game speed (delay each interpreter cycle) */
gQuitGame = FALSE      /* if set to TRUE, the game will exit */
gCast               /* points to the cast class (list of actors) */
gRegions            /* points to the regions class (list of regions) */
gLocales             /* points to the locales class (list of locales) */
gTimers               /* points to the timers class (list of timers) */
gSounds               /* points to the sounds class (list of sounds) */
gInv               /* points to the inventory class */
gAddToPics            /* points to the add to pics class */
gFeatures            /* points to the add to features class */
gSFeatures            /* points to the add to sfeatures class */
gRoomNumberExit         /* room number exit */
gPreviousRoomNumber      /* the number of the previous room */
gRoomNumber            /* the number of the current room */
gDebugOnExit = FALSE   /* enter debug mode on room exit */
gScore = 0            /* the game score */
gMaxScore = 14         /* the maximum game score */
gOldScore            /* previous score */
gCurrentCursor         /* the number of the current cursor */
gNormalCursor = 999      /* the number of the normal cursor (ie. arrow) */
gLoadingCursor = 997   /* the number of the loading cursor (ie. hand) */
gDefaultFont = 1      /* the number of the default font */
gSaveRestoreFont = 0   /* the number of the font for the save/restore dialogs*/
gDeadFont = 0         /* the number of the font for the dialog when ego dies */
gUserEvent            /* points to the user's event object */
gPrintDlg            /* points to the current Print() window */
gVolume               /* the sound volume */
gVersion            /* the version string */
gSaveDirPtr            /* points to the save directory string */
gCheckAniWait         /* the checkAni delay */
gSetRegions            /* a flag -- see User:doit() */
gPicAngle            /* the room's pic angle */
gOverlay = -1         /* whether to overlay the picture when drawing */
gDefaultPicAni         /* the default pic animation */
gDefaultPalette=0    /* the default palette to use for the pictures (0-3) */
gCastMotionCue         /* if set, the cast's motionCue() is called */
gTheWindow            /* points to the window class */
gWndColor            /* the colour of the game's windows foreground (ie. text) */
gWndBack            /* the colour of the game's windows background */

gOldPort            /* the previous port */
gEgoView            /* ego's current view number */
/* hh:mm:ss | gTimeHours:gTimeMinutes:gTimeSeconds */
/* the time elapsed since the game started */
gTimeSeconds         /* the seconds */
gTimeMinutes         /* the minutes */
gTimeHours            /* the hours */
gCurrentTime            /* the current time in seconds */
gTheMusic            /* points to the music class */
gTheSoundFX            /* points to the sound fx class */
gProgramControl       /* states whether the program has control or the user */
Robin_Gravel Sorry.

I cannot able to copy the code from sci studio to Netscape.

I used Explorer to put the code to the board. I had not a problem with the thread 'Problems with this script'

Robin Gravel
cloudee1 Robin thanks for the info
I pulled the local stuff slid, that little line into the main and now I know how to do so many things that I didn't know how to do an hour ago.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

p.s. I tried to fidget around with the pallette problem you had and could never get any of my colors to look different. sorry