[Question] Problem with doors, please help?!

EngelF For a short while i've being trying to make a game with SCI studio. Now i've got a problem and i hope you guys (and girls) here could give me a hand if possible.
My problem is: In a room i've got 2 doors, is it possible to make de doors open when typing 'open door'? I want to open one door at the time. And if that one is open i want to open the other door to.
I can't figure it out. Is there somebody who can help me? Or isn't it possible to have 2 doors in one room and open them with te same line: 'open door'?

Thanx already,
Kon-Tiki I don't know much about the coding-part of SCI, but the solution's the same as in AGI. You'll have to check the position of ego. Either do that with the appropriate command or with control lines and the flags they set.
cloudee1 Hey Angel look at the last post of the thread "How many doors" it should help.