AGI handling of Illegal positions

RaDIaT1oN Can anybody help?

I'm writing yet another effort at an AGI implementation for Linux.  I looked at other efforts, Sarien, etc. and was not pleased with what I saw.  I thought about working on those, but my programming skills are rusty, and I realised that I would never understand the stuff unless I worked through it from nothing.

I have a little working so far, and am facing problems with the AGI logics positioning view objects in illegal positions, ie. above the horizon, on unconditional barriers, etc.  I can think of ways around this, but if somebody knows how Sierra's AGI solved this problem it would be greatly helpful.

Any replies would be appreciated

Joel I can tell you that Sierra's AGI engine handles illegal positions by automatically putting an object into a legal position. As for the algorithm that handles that case, I'm not sure, though you might try some experimentation to see what it does. It's most likely non-random.