Open an exisiting game to read logic

Tubular Hi there!

When I open an existing game (i.e PQ1) it opens but when I open the logic editor it is blank.
I do not think this is right? I would like to read logic of other games to learn.
Then of course maybe this is protected some way. but then, where is a game I can read the logic in?
Please help since would help a bit :)
AGI1122 You have to double click on the logic you want to read from the resource view pane. Just swith the drop down box to logics, then open the one you want.

The reason it's blank when you click the logic button is because it assumes you are createing a NEW logic.
Tubular Ok... thanks...
But how do I do to see the logic?...
Kon-Tiki We'll make you a small guide for it ;)

1. Start the AGI Studio.
2. Open the game you want to edit in the Studio.
3. Go with your mouse to the box where a whole list of resources is named (like view.000 view.001 view.002)
4. From the roll-down menu on top of that list, choose 'Logic'
5. Double-click on a logic. It'll automatically open up.

Here're some tips to find the logic you're looking for. First do the thing from above, but instead of picking 'Logic', choose 'Picture'. Browse through the list in the box and look for the pic of the screen you wish to edit in. Then open the logic with the same number as the pic.

Hope this helps.
Andrew_Baker As an addendum and a self-promotion all rolled up into one, go to and go to the downloads page. There you will find a file named something like voodoo girl with source. If you unzip this magical file, you will not only find a playable AGI game, but also its source, which will do amazing things like have the defines.txt intact and source that is reasonably well documented. So, it's just like viewing a game, only you can actually see what I called v105 or whatever. If you can't open the source files in AGI Studio, you can probably open them in whatever basic text editor what comes with your OS.