where ist www.bripro.com?

Mister X Could someone tell me where www.bripro.com is?

Not Found
The requested URL /suspended.page/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I am longing for SCI Studio VGA and now it seems it's gone :-
Pikachu14 Last time it went down I thought "maybe Brian is updating."

One day later, he actually did.

Maybe SCI Studio 4 is about to be released ;)
Kon-Tiki That would be great news! Then Larry 4'ld be one step closer to be finished :)
Oh, and other games as well, off course ;D
Mister x That would be great! ;D
But ... well, it must be a major update because i could not reach the site yesterday, too
Thank you for your fast answer!
AGI1122 From the looks of it... his host has suspended his site. Which is why it's redirecting to "suspended.page". But it looks like his host has the suspended.page file missing on their server.

I am sure the site will be back up soon. But this downage is most likely not caused by Brian, but by his host.
Brian_Provinciano Yep. My damn host did it again! God they piss me off! I'm working on getting it back up, but man, why did it have to happen on a holiday weekend!? Oh well...
Pikachu14 Oh, camelpoo. No update then? :'(
Brian_Provinciano I wouldn't take down my site for an update. That last downage would've been due to my host as well. I put up new pages over old ones.
Robin_Gravel Brian

Was your site have down for maintenance or something?

Robin Gravel