New AGI Utility

Joel A couple days ago, I was redrawing the dorm exterior screen for my game. Of course, the dorm is made out of bricks. While I was drawing this nice brick wall and adding some highlights to it, etc., I decided that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever wanted to do something that tedious again in my entire life. I thought it would be really nice if there were some easy way to get a bunch of similar picture drawing commands to repeat at a certain interval so that I could just draw a few of the bricks and then tell a program to just splash a few more of the same onto the picture. Well, there wasn't, so I started writing one. I ain't so good at coming up with names for these things, but in the next day or so I'll have completed the AGI Picture Command Repeater (I guess AGI Repeat works for short).

The program is mostly completed, and it does work. The program is capable of taking a particular drawing command from your file and making an EXACT replica in a different spot (it's also capable of making many exact replicas in many different can specify the maximum number of copies you want made).

I just need to add a few finishing touches here and there before a public release.