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Hi. I am sorry my bad english. I have a web that translate sierra and other games of others languages. I think that, when SCI Studio is completed, the games can be translate to others languages.

Brian Provinciano is the king.


Miguel Rodr
Pikachu14 Correct you are, mister Skazz. You could translate SCI games to spanish.
tool Hey SkaZZ! Yep, SCI Studio 4 will be a great step for our translations. I am not gonna tell you how (sorry) but I'm setting things up to translate Phantasmagoria 1 & 2. It's gonna be great. The bad thing is that SCI Studio 4 is taking way too much time to be released, umm...
PS1: By the way, if you are trying to think who am I... I'm Rodrigo Steinmann, the guy that translate KQ4.
PS2: I love your translation of Kyrandia 3!