Patches are good fixes

Linthal ok, i was just thinking, that if sierra created patches for their games to solve some of the bugs, then why not (when sci stuido is completed) create more patches to solve the timer bugs. while i am not sure if it is even possible, the one thing i have never seen for a sierra game is a fan made patch. i have seen other utilites, so i know that it is possible to modify these games. and i have seen games with fan made patches. so i know in theorey it is possible.

But then why has no one ever attempted to patch a sierra game?
Det. John Carey :) No fan patches for Sierra games? How about AGISB, GoSierra, "Enhanced SB16 driver", or the modified Install.exe that allows more sound drivers? I think even Lucasarts games saw fewer patching tools made by fans.
Linthal i have not forgotten those programs, but those are for non essential functions like sound (though i prefer it with sound mind you). i am talking about fixing bugs, like in qfgIV, sq4 things with like timer bugs. things that wont allow you to play the game. ex: there was a fan made patch for the pc version of FFVII for pc, that allows it to work under windows xp. thats what i am refering to.
Carey I would only really want to see four fixes for Sierra titles...

- a fix for the timing problems in PQ3, Willy Beamish, Heart of China... All except for Willy can be bypassed, but it would still be better if they just worked properly.

- a fix for running Windows versions in 16/32 bit mode without switching to 256 colors first.

- a patch replacing the ugly B&W cursors in Windows versions (of e.g. GK1, Police Quest IV, Pharkas...) with the cute colorful hi-res cursors from the DOS versions.

- a fix to protect from crashes that may occur after a few Alt-Tab switches in full-screen Windows games (like Gabriel Knight III)...

Other problems I had with Sierra were either fixed by their own patches or the unofficial tools.
Kon-Tiki And something that takes away that timer in FPFP when those snails aproach. I've saved my game and when I step two steps, I'm game over. Can't even reach those snails anymore ::) Frustrating's the least you can call that thing.
Linthal ok i think maby everyone misunderstood what i meant. i didnt mean i wanted to say what would be nice, i wanted to know if it was at all possilble. with sci studio soon to be able to edit these games, that leads to possilbilites of fan made patches. would it be possilbe is more of what i had in mind, not what should the patches do besides fix major bugs.
Kon-Tiki If it's in the game itself, it's possible, but when the patch should fix bugs in the interpreter itself (or hardware detections or such), it won't.