stuck in Voodoo Girl

Robin_Gravel Hi folks

What do I need to make dream potion in Voodoo Girl?

Here my inventory:
sleep moss, poison berry, blue mushroom, fishing rod,
vile chug and bluefish venom

Robin Gravel
Kon-Tiki If I remember it correct, you put all those ingredients together in the mixing screen in your house, just like the sleeping potion. I'm not sure anymore though. There's hints throughout the game. You already have 2 of the needed ingredients. Talk to Loa Legba if you want to know the third ingredient.

PS: Andrew, if you read this, had any luck on finding what's wrong with that save-game Raf sent you?
Robin_Gravel Thanks StrangeQuark

Now the grub blocks the way.

How to get it away?

Robin Gravel That's probably the hardest part in the game (well, up till it crashed for me :'() because there isn't any hint. You'll have to use the voodoo doll (don't forget to take some DNA). Now if you remember proving the existence of gravity, you'll know what to do with it.

(PS: Take an eye newt with you before returning to the dream world.)
Robin_Gravel Thanks again StrangeQuark

I got a eye newt but I didn't find the doll. Where is it?

Robin Gravel I believe it was somewhere in that cave maze.
failrate Oh, well, the grub... you have to talk to the grub, at which point you will enter a game show. In the game show, you'll be asked a whole bunch of trivia questions about Voodoo and Haiti. Don't worry, all of the answers are found earlier in the game by talking to different people and reading things.

To find out where the doll is, try talking to the houngan in the hounfour (the hut in the middle of the screen) in the coastal village.
Robin_Gravel Hi Failrate

I just downloaded the last version of the game because
nothing happens when entering in the middle hut.

I start the game from scratch.

Robin Gravel
OS-Bones Where can I download Voodoo Girl?
It sounds neat.
Kon-Tiki Andrew's site
Pretty obvious, if you think about it :P
Andrew_Baker I've actually been writing the walkthrough file for Voodoo Girl. Here's an excerpt...

Okay, now go to your hut and drink the dream brew. Since you were smart enough to go get another eye of newt after trading yours to Momma Hoodoo, you'll be able to see the base of the walls in the Crystal Maze. Otherwise, they'd be invisible, and you'd have to feel your way about.

Exit to the right. Talk to the worm between the two giant flowers.

All of the answers to all of the questions can be found by looking at scenery and talking with villagers and loa. Failing that, trial and error will do nicely. I refuse to print the answers to Wheel of Jeopardy.

When you win, go up.

Pick up some of Twinkie-Dinkie's hair. Put it on the doll. Go back all the way to where you entered the dream world and go down. You'll return to the waking world. Leave the hut and go up and to the left. You should see a big cliff to the left. Throw the mange-covered doll off of the cliff. Now Twinkie-Dinkie is dead! Go back to the dreaming world and retrace your steps. Go up one room from Twinkie-Dinkie's house. Throw the sleep bombs at the guards. That fixes them nicely.

Okay, so I'm just going to go ahead and finish that tonight and post it on my website.