Thraka Whats the diff between AGS / SCI

I'm leaning twords AGS to make a game. SCI is such a pain to make backgrounds for.

Robin_Gravel Let me see...


+ I can a make a 256 color game or 12 millions of color,
+ Documentations are more complete than SCI
+ It's an engine to make point and click games
+ In the AGS forum, many knows how the AGS works
They can help you for making your games,

- It doesn't have a view editor.
- You need a drawing programs to make views and background

SCI studio

+ It has a view editor and a drawing program enclosed with SCI studio
+ Uses original engine SCI
-+? In SCI0x, drawing a background is the same way than making AGI background. You might like or not the
way to draw backgrounds in SCI0x

- documentations look incomplete
- In SCI forum, only few persons may help you, Brian,
Eagon, Ch. Reichenbach...
- SCi studio is buggy for win95, 98 systems

Robin Gravel