So....Dead here..

Thraka Quiet... To..Quiet..
Robin_Gravel Not so quiet Thraka, unless you're looking for new games.

Robin Gravel
Eigen BTW, what SCI games are currenty in development?

Kawa aint gonna log in Larry 4, Cap'n Henk A-Ventures, a Space Quest 6 dutch dub...
AintGonnaLogInEither That's because everyone lays quiet, holding breath, waiting for the final of SCIStudio 4 to be released. ;-P
Pikachu14 Very true. There will be lots of noise when it's released ;)
Kon-Tiki I for one'ld take that as my que for entering SCI after AGI. It's like the others said: it's calm here just because everyone's waiting for SCI VGA Studio.

Kawa: weren't you going to make a VGA Remake of Ninja Forever a year after the AGI version's finished? That counts as in production as well ;)
Thraka Yes I too want SCI Studio VGA released.. I'm kind of waiting for it so I can do my game with..

I wonder.. would it be possible to join together SCI Ver x (that has vga) and merge it with the SCI old that has a text parser?
Eero R It is possible...
Kyoufu How very interesting...
Shish It would be great to convert old EGA adventures to VGA using old parser or new pnc interface.
It would be nice to play... fore expmple Larry 2 VGA.
I was waiting for SCI Studio VGA to translate some great games into russian.
But now i don't need to because i live in New York since last free days ;)
Scigeek2003 :'( Where is ss4?
Robin_Gravel Sci Studio 4 is not available yet.

Robin Gravel