AGI Repeat now available

Joel My new AGI utiltiy, AGI Repeat (AGI Picture Command Repeater) version 1.0 beta is now available at

Although there are no known bugs in the software, I haven't gone to extremely extensive lengths to test it. The program available now is considered a beta version...please back up files before running them through the AGI Repeat program. That way you don't have to worry about it screwing them up.
AGI1122 Looks pretty good nice job.
Joel I have just uploaded version 1.01 beta to the website,

I have corrected a critical oversight on my part: the commands in the command list are now numbered the same way that they are in PicEdit, so you can find the command you want to repeat much more easily.
AGI1122 Thanks for makeing this program it is helping me in doing a picture I was making.
Nailhead Great idea Joel! This looks like it's going to save the artists in my team ALOT of time.  :)
Joel AGI Repeat version 1.02 beta was just uploaded:

The program now accepts negative numbers for the x and y offsets of the repetitions, which means you can draw stuff at the bottom of the picture and repeat it upwards, at the right of the picture and repeat it leftward, and you can do something that wasn't possible at all before: create a bottom-left to top-right diagonal repetition.
Nailhead Wow, just keeps getting better.  ;D
bokkers Extreeeeemely neat  ;D