W words making me crazy

Oliver I can't use any W words. and I need the word water. I allready had to change that you got to fix a door not a wall in my game but now I need the word "water".

Is there any way I could get the W words workiing????????????????????????????? ??? ??? :o :-\
Joel What version of AGI Studio are you using? Try saving your words.tok file using 1.31.

Also, see this thread

You can also use the attached program to verify that your words are actually in alphabetical order. Unzip the executable file to your game's directory, then go to your game's directory from the command prompt and type

[tt]VocabTest > output.txt[/tt]

A file dialog will pop up and you can select your words.tok file, then it will dump the contents to the file output.txt.

Disclaimer: the VocabTest is a program I wrote just to see if I could read words.tok files properly -- I have no reason to believe it could even possibly mess up your file, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to back it up first, just in case.

(guess it would help if I were to actually attach the program)
Joel ok, apparently Nick already wrote a tool to help with this problem.

See this thread:
Oliver I can't download it. Says soem error. 404 not found or something like that :-\
Joel yeah, I can't find a link to it on agidev.com, either. maybe Nick will repost it.
Oliver I haven't heard of Nick in a while though.... :-\
sonneveld yeh? like.. at all?

- Nick
Oliver Now you can tell us the download link ;)
sonneveld whoops. doesn't anyone keep backups anymore?


- Nick