SCI sound problems

Shish I have Creative Ensonique sound card.
Emulation of SB Pro and MT-32 works fine with other DOS games, but i have some problems with Sierra adventures...
When i choose "Sound Blaster" in install.exe game says "unable to find you sound device".
And if i select "MT-32" or "Roland" for music game locks up...
I can only play midi through "Adlib" driver.
Quality is not that good...
rwfromxenon Try "GoSierra" or VDMSound ;)

Later versions of Windows, such as 2000 and XP don't like playing music and sounds in the oldies :)
Eero R Except for me (am I lucky or what?), my XP runs all oldies without problems in sound or music... It's maybe because after installing it I always update to SP1 an do Windows Update. Or something like this.
Det. Carey :) I had a similar problem with PQ3 and a few other titles (in W98); GoSierra fixed them for me. However, to make the program run at all, I had to unpack it with CUP386, from pure DOS (no Himem, etc.) first, because it was protected with lame old encrypters/anti-debugging tools (why, I wonder? To prevent the hordes of evil pirates who dream of nothing other than replacing the name of the author of an old game patcher with their names? :)), and they caused hangs and crashes on modern processors. I had to do the same with the same guy's similar patcher for Lucasarts games (and patch it against the Runtime 200 error - "too fast")... but once they're unpacked and patched, they both run well on modern systems. :)

There are some patches from Sierra itself, too - at least one is an SB16 driver update; log onto their FTP to find them.
Shish Thanx!
Where to get this GoSierra?
And LucasArts patch???
Pure dos is no problem for me...
I use Win98 SE...
Collector You can find GoSierra on QuestSudio's Sierra Utilitiy Page.