Started a new game

MagickPoultry I've finally decided to start making another game.  It'll be in the horror genre.  I doubt I'd be able to make a serious game, so it's more likely to be a horror-comedy, as indicated by the satirical working title, which I like so I'll probably stick with it, "Tonight The Shrieking Corpses Bleed."  I haven't got too many details of the story worked out yet (Tentatively, the hero is a garbageman.), but there may be some action or perhaps rpg elements to the game.  I'm not very far along, obviously, but I thought I'd post this just to prove I'm not dead.  
Chad Goulding Cool! If its even half as good as Tex McPhilip 2 it'll be a fantastic game. Really looking forward to it.

Nailhead Sounds like a goody. I love Horror-Comedy, my favorite movie series are the Evil Deads.

Let us know the progress as it unfolds.