Problem in SCI Studio

mjalan I have a really big problem. I have two laptops, one of them is 4 years old, and the other one is new. I can run the IDE in both laptops. But when I complie or run the game, the new laptop only shows me a blank back screen, nothing else, however, my old laptop runs perfectly fine... Is there anyone want what is my problems...... ???
Robin_Gravel I am not sure but newest computers don't support 320x200 graphics anymore.

I heard that somewhere on internet.

I take care of my computer by now because of it.

Robin Gravel
mjalan Is that mean I can't use it........ :o
Eero R Yes, if the problem's in that.
Robin_Gravel Try Freesci if it works for you.

You'll find it at:

There is a Win version of Freesci.

Robin Gravel