Date Quest 2 issue (PLEASE read and state your opinion)

Joey In the original story for this game, I was going to have it at one part you go on a plane, and a terrorist takes over, and if you have the right item to kill him, you will proceed in the game, but if not you die and lose.

well im getting to that part of the game now, and im really not sure if i should put in a terrorist because of 9/11 and all the terrorism going on now. i think i should put something else in the game, because i dont want to offend people whose family or friends lives have been lost from these stupid fucking terrorists. so do you think i should not put in a terrorist (which is what im planning) and what to put instead of one.

ill give this away now. you were going to use the knife you got in the resteraunt to kill the terrorist. so what would the knife be used for to kill or stop something or someone from trying to take over that plane. also in the story, the pilot got killed AFTER you kill the terrorist, and you end up crash landing someplace, with only you and the stewardess remaining alive. so please, if you have some idea of what i could use in place of a terrorist that wouldnt offend anyone, please let me know.
Joey also, i hope to have this game done within 2 or 3 weeks. im gonna work my ass off trying to finish it, so please answer as soon as you can. thank you.
Robin_Gravel Hi Joey

Go for terrorist story.

Robin Gravel
Eigen What about servant woman wanting a raise.

Or pilots were afraid of the height and jumped out and now there's no pilot.

Joey hmmm. i like those ideas eigen. maybe i could add like a scary touch to it, and make it a horror scene. ive always wanted to make a horror game, and i could have a bit of horror in this. like one of the girls that give you peanuts thinks shes possesed by the devil or something.......errr scratch that.

maybe like the pilot gets drunk. but that wouldnt be scary. how about, the pilot has gone crazy and comes out where everyone is seated. he then threatens that if anyone moves he pushes a button that blows a bomb. you need to kill him with the knife then try and fly the plane but you crash land anyway.

i dont know. keep the ideas coming please. i want to work on this tomorrow.
Zonkie Hi Joey,
I think I wouldn't go for a terrorist thing. I also wouldn't go for killing the pilot with a knife. I don't like the idea of having to kill people in an adventure game that is situated in modern times and clearly isn't set in some fantasy world or another time, but that is just me. There's lots of ways to make the plane crash in other ways, for example that the pilot falls asleep or he forgets to turn his cellphone off ;) . You could still use the knife, for example to cut some cables or to short-circuit the plane so the doors open or so.
As a story, that could be like this: You get on the plane, some person says "look, I can steer the plane with my mobile", the plane starts to crash, you have to use your knife to cut open your seatbelt and you and the stewardess are the first to grab (the only) two parachutes and to escape.

Hope this helped.
Joey hmmmm, maybe, but i wanted to use the knife to have to stop someone from injuring others, but after your efforts, the plane crashes anyway.

i thought of an idea though. anyone who has completed the demo, please tell me what you think of this.

just after take off, the italian butcher comes on the plane looking for you if you have the knife. if not the plane crashes and you die automatically. he goes on a rampage. he kills the pilot, then he comes looking for you. you have to be quick to use the knife, or else you die. then you and the peanut girl go to the pilots room and see hes dead. you try and fly the plane, but cant and end up crash landing. you and the girl are the only survivors and must make it through the place you crash which i wont tell.

how does this sound?
Kon-Tiki The Italian Butcher... man, that takes me back :) He's so damn funny ;D Better go ahead with that idea of yours.

Joey lol. i thought he was funny too, even though i made him. geez, i crack myself up sometimes.

anyway, i think thats what ill do, but does anyone else have a different idea?
Joey and also, i need an idea for why he would come on the plane in the first place if you DONT have the knife. if you dont have the knife he kills you on the plane, but why would he go on the plane killing if you dont have his knife...maybe hes just pissed and wants to kill? i dont know, anyone have an idea for that too?
rwfromxenon How about his wife has gone missing, and you've seen her earlier. He follows you onto the plane because he's an evil bastard and thinks you kidnapped the psycho hose beast. ;)
Joey lmao, maybe. that crazy giant yetti beast bitch is pretty stupid. maybe i will do that, but i was just thinking the chef has gone mad because hes poor from his resteraunt and stuff, and now he goes on a killing spree. and if you have the knife, hes like YOU! YOU STOLE ME KNIFE! NOW I MAKE YOU A 5 POUNDA A BEEF! or something, then he comes to you and if you dont throw the knife in time, he slashes you a few thousand times with his butcher knife. if you dont have the knife, he kills you anyway because you are closest to him or something.

ill think about it, but i think i might do what i just mentioned above unless i think of something else.
Joey i meant unless i or anyone else thinks of something else.
Tim Gallagher Coming from someone who is going to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom, the terrorist thing would be okay as long as it handled with a tongue in cheek. The airplane scene in LSL2 is still a good one even after 9/11. Don't address the subject too seriously and don't arm him with a box cutter. Try to find a humorous weapon to outfit him with.

Also, the object of the knife being on the plane maybe too much...not because of political correctness but because of common sense. That's just plain impossible nowadays.
Joey yes but its supposed to be funny. how would someone get a butcher knife on board a plane?
rwfromxenon Easy. Just put it in a box that says:
"I can't believe it's not a butcher's knife."
Joey lol. ill just use the chef. i had to do school shopping today so i didnt really have a chance, but ill work on it tonight maybe and a lot tomorrow.