Logic code for AGI Studio

luke_scoffield :-/
OK guys, I'm making an game in AGI Studio. I've got most of the basics for the logic code, but what do I need to do to get my ego to change view for one cycle in response to an input command?
AGI1122 Use this to change the ego to the view number of your choice:


n needs to be set the the view number you want to use.

Use this to change the ego back to his regular view:


hope this helps you.
brian corr i suppose you mean one cycle of the view, not one interpreter cycle...

if not ignore this

what you should do is this:

if(said("blah blah")){
 load.view(n);           //n is the number of the view
 set.loop(o0,l);         //l is the loop number
 end.of.loop(o0,f100) //you can use any flag you want


luke_scoffield ;D
Thanks very much, I should have what I need now.