Font corruption in AGI games

Tektonic This problem has been bugging me for awhile and I've scoured the net and still haven't found anything - how can I fix font corruption with AGI games I'm running on my laptop?
All the menus and text boxes that pop-up in all my AGI games (KQ1-3, BC, Goldrush etc) have garbled, unreadable characters instead of the text. The weird thing is that when you move through the menu, the highlighted option becomes readable. I suspect this has something to do with the video bios, but I haven't managed to find any programs to fix this font corruption as of yet. Any ideas?
Robin_Gravel Hi

I have the same problem when playing agi games in cga mode.

The only way to fix it is to make a bootable disk without config.sys and autoexec.bat.

Robin Gravel
Tektonic I actually tried that already. Any idea on where I could get a video bios util to fix the problem, or alternatively what may be causing it?
sonneveld Sierra's AGI support a few command line parameters.  You might want to try some to force it into EGA or CGA mode.  It might also help with the character corruption.

-c CGA
-r CGA with another palette
-e EGA
-h Hercules
-v Not sure.. i *think* it's some B&W VGA mode supported on some PS/2 computers

-t Tandy
-s related to -v though

on the mysterious -v and -s notes.. I'm not sure which computer it is.. but there's an autodetect code that runs like this:

mov     ah, 0C0h ; '+'
int     15h
jb      loc_0_4408
mov     al, es:[bx+2]
cmp     al, 0FAh ; '
sonneveld ok, after a quick search, I think it's just support for the PS/2 Model 30 and it's MCGA graphics adapter.  the MCGA was basically a cut down B&W version of the VGA card that was in the more expensive PS/2's.  Not really useful but I thought i'd bring it up anyways.
Tektonic Thanks for that info - that's the sort of thing I was looking for. I tried out each switch and I get exactly the same thing no matter what I try. The video on my laptop is an ATI Rage Pro chip, so no doubt it's got cutdown font support or something. Whereabouts could I get a TSR to override this?
Robin_Gravel Another idea:

Why not use the interpreter from another game or a demo interprete and use it to play your game depending the version of the interpreter the game uses it.

Robin Gravel
Tektonic Nice idea, except this happens with every AGI game I have!
Robin_Gravel Have you tried nagi to playing your games?
AGI1122 And if you can't get NAGI to work you should also try Sarien.
Tektonic Sounds like a plan. I haven't tried Sarien out in awhile and haven't used NAGI before, so it looks like that'll be what I'll have to do. Thanks :)