Any unofficial patch "against" the 256 colors driver?

Sierra Player As probably any Sierra player knows, the adventures that had a Windows version included (Police Quest 4, Gabriel Knight 1, and so on) refuse to run in W9x[me=](and probably XP too, though I have no idea) if the desktop is set to 16 or 32 bit color ("Pnpdrvr.drv - Your current display driver is not supported by this game..."). To run the game, you have to switch to 256 colors. This is a bit annoying, and I was wondering if there's any fix for that? I saw great unofficial patches that fixed many other problems with drivers in Sierra games (such as GoSierra to fix digital sound on modern SB cards, SBAGI to make AGI games play sounds through Blaster rather than PC Honker...), so I was wondering if there's anything to fix *this* problem with this driver?[/me]
cloudee1 You could always set your screen properties to 256 colors
AGI1122 You must not have read his post too thourougly, he said that you can do that. But he wants a way to get around it WITHOUT having to switch the colors. ;)
cloudee1 Laziness should not be defended Chris.

While I admit that it is a hassle, once you start playing the the hassle seems to simply dissolve away.

In long lost days of yesteryear we had to keep swapping low density floppies between every three screens. Now that was a hassle but we did it and loved it.

Sierra Player my apologioes for getting your hopes up about seeing replies, yet offering no real answers ::)
AGI1122 I was not defending laziness, I was simple saying that he was looking for a way around having to switch colors.

I still switch colors when I play my games, doesn't bother me that much.