New V demo released

AGI1122 We have released a new V demo at check it out tell us what you think and tell us about any bugs you may find.
Robin_Gravel "view 237 not found" when looking a token gift.

This version of V works only with Nagi?

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 That view has still not drawn.

This demo will not work with Sierra's AGI interpreters but will work with NAGI or Sarien. The reason for this is the intro uses more memory than the original AGI interpreter can handle.
sonneveld Are you planning on tweaking the memory usage for later versions of V so it will work on the original interpreter?

What exactly are you loading up that takes up so much memory?  Are there any debug functions that you'd like NAGI or Sarien to implement to help?

- Nick
AGI1122 The problem with the memory is all of the intro gets used in just one logic it has to use all of the pictures for the intro(which are really detailed) and also the views are quite big and detailed. Which uses alot of the interpreters memory. Sierra's interpreter could not handle it because it was designed for older computers with less memory. Your interpreter is the only one the intro works fully in. Sarien gets you most of the way through the intro but crashes on a certain scene.

We are not going to rework the intro for the Sierra interpreter because we have finally been able to get the music to play throughout the intro with your interpreter.

Also a memory function would be nice so that way we know how much memory has been taken up by the resources we loaded.