Kind of off topic... but maybe not... Differences between Police Quest bundles?

Jimmy Cagney Sierra released all bundled PQs in two flavors - "The Four Most Wanted" and "The Daryl Gates Collection". What was the difference between the two, other than the cover art and the fact that DGC had "SWAT" bundled with it? Were the promotional videos and interviews (with the Williamses, Daryl Gates and Jim Walls) included in "The Four Most Wanted"?
collector No, there is no differences, other than the inclusion of SWAT. The second collection comes in a jewel case that holds six discs and the first disc with One - Four is the same disc, "The Four Most Wanted" The other four discs is the same as SWAT standalone, except for some minor bug fixes.
Thraka I also picked one up called the SWAT Carrier Pack which has all the PQ in it.