#AGI on DALnet (IRC)

The Wiz Want to chat about new AGI developments? Well, come to #AGI! This channel has been open to the AGI community for years, but lately, it has gone unused. Only you guys can change that. The new AGI chat date is Sunday night, 6PM pacific time, 9PM eastern, at least I think it is. Anyway, come saturday night. You can come anytime, though. #AGI is always open.
So come one, come all, to #AGI. It's the place to be.
The Wiz I meant Sunday. Come Sunday. Sunday night. Remember.
Nailhead I'll be there, or try really hard to be there anyway. :)
ACiDiC74 Sounds cool, I'll try to be there.

see ya
The Wiz I'm sure this is starting to annoy some people. Good.
Hey, you bastards: download mIRC now at www.mirc.co.uk. Then, when it has been downloaded, scroll down the list of servers until you find the section of DALnet servers. Click on, and then when you're in, type /join #agi. There you go. Sunday night, whenever. Just be there. You'd better. We need some AGIers to actually come. Come on, what else are you going to do? All most of you do on Sunday night is pray or jack off. That time can be better spent chatting on IRC with a bunch of nerds who like really old computer games. So there. Come. Or else. *angry fist shaking*
AGI1122 What exactly is mIRC?
Nailhead mIRC is an [B]I[/B]nternet [B]R[/B]elay [B]C[/B]hat program. If you don't have one installed and don't want to go to the trouble, try the JAVA flavor straight from a website.

[size=3][URL=http://www.jpilot.com/java/irc/demo1.html]GO HERE[/URL][/size]
1) Type in your Nickname
2) Type this for Channel: agi
3) Type this for Server Name: irc.dal.net
4) Type this for Server Port: 6660

And there you have it!
AGI1122 I am there now but it appears that no one else is.
AGI1122 Maybe this would be more effective if a time to arrive was set.
The Wiz Ok. Let's say... 6-7 PM eastern time. Or anytime after that.
Albert Weensteen Do I have to kill you people to get you to come to #AGI?
Zero How about on jan 4 2002 friday 7:00pm         ;D