F%^$ Quest 2

Rich Eter That's right everybody. FQ2 is on its way very soon! I'm putting a few more touches on it!

Oh, by the way, Icabod, I've incorporated you into the story. I had another main bad guy, but now it's you!!! I've drawn the pictures and everything. You're going to get your ass majorly kicked and then I'm having sex with your girlfriend. Ha, ha, ha!

So, right, everybody, look out for FQ2: Romancing the Bone!!!
It's coming soon!

MK Any chance to see some screenshots?  ;D
Icabod God damnit Richard!!!

You and your stinkin F%$! Quest sequel have gone too far! Won't you think of the children?!? All of those 10 and 12 year olds in the AGI community, like Luke and Ryan and that Vonster guy.

I will win them over with my moral Love Quest! You'll see! People will enjoy raising a family much more than meaningless sex with a stranger!

Dude Erotic pleasure sometimes overcomes romance.  I like a good puzzle game, if "Fuck Quest 2" has good graphics and a decent storyline I might take a look at it.
Vonster_D_Monster [color=Red]Hmmmm, that's weird, I thought it was well over a decade since I was 10, or 12, or 15 for that matter.

Weird. But I'll leave my opinions on Sex and Love out of this. Not there is anything wrong with either, but what I think has long since ceased to matter to the world at large, so judge for yourselves I say.

Rich Eter Hey Everybody,
As I get closer to completing this game, I want to know if there are any features that anyone would like included (except you Icabod, you bastard). Perhaps there features lacking in the first game that I could put in this game. I've already added quite a few features.

As for you, Icabod. Go ahead, and make your Love Quest game. We'll just see how many downloads you get versus how many FQ2 gets. We'll just see!

Oh, man. I got to get back to work on FQ2. It's hard... real hard. Drawing all these naked women, I have to take lots of breaks. If you know what I mean!!!


p.s. I'm going to have sex with your girlfriend, Icabod.
Robin_Gravel A command list like "serguei's destiny" will be helpful for beginning players.

Robin Gravel
Rich Eter

A command list like "serguei's destiny" will be helpful for beginning players.

Robin Gravel

Hmmm... I was thinking more like new sexual positions.

Greg Tommers Eheheh. You've got to have it so a chick can give you head in FQ2!
I've already incorporated this into Handyman 3 and it's awesome!

anonymous hmmmm...i have the strange feeling that Icabod, Rich, and Greg are all the same person.
Icabod God damnit anonymous!

How dare you confuse me with my mortal enemy, Rich Eter!?!

I find it pretty ironic, btw, that you choose to post that message anonymously!

Majin Trugeta I think anon is on to something...
Deco Yeah, I think so too.
Dude Go to hell Icabod/Rich/Greg!
Rich Eter Geez...
I can't vouch for Greg... but I can vouch for myself. I've been a longstanding member of this community, since its very roots in fact. And I've always delivered what I promised. FQ2 is coming!!!
That bastard Icabod is always f##$ing following me around. He likes to steal my good ideas, and my woman!!! But, he will pay... be guaranteed, he will pay!!!

Deco Can you give us some screenshots or the location of them?
someone My bet is that Greg and Rich are different persons, but that Icabod is Rich's "alter ego", if you know what I mean...
Rich Eter Hmmm, I have no way of proving it, unfortunately, but believe me... Icabod and I are not the same person. We just used live near each other. He really took my woman, and I really do hate him!!! Much of my suffering over the last few years is because of him!!! He keeps coming here because he knows it pisses me off!!!

I don't have the tools or really the knowhow to put up screen shots at this time, but you can view my previously released teaser for fq2. It's at:

Icabod Rich Eter, you asshole!!

Remember that time you prank called my house, calling me Icabod Crane? God Damnit!!! That freakin' pissed me off! But guess who was straddling me at the time? eheheh  
gfjbguh Give it up, man.
Deco Yeah, it's getting annoying!
Rich Eter Ladies and Gentlemen,
This game is getting so closed to finished!!!
I predict I will be releasing it within the next couple of weeks. I'm so very excited!!!

not William F. Gates III Great! So when can we see some screenshots?  ;D ;D ;D
Shantzy Hhehehe! If I where Rich, I would've become stark raving mad if someone would to accuse me of Greg-ory. Oh well, I've acctually enjoyed the spamming between Icabod and Rich. It's more life than usual on the board (I'm not taking sides... honestly). :)

I'm also very excited about F**k Quest 2 coming.

It'll be something to think about, those lonely nights in the military tents (yes I'm in the army now...*singing*)  :-/

Tip of the day: Coupling with your friends wives/girlfriends is sometimes a very bad thing to do and/or could cause you injury (and in some cases diseases in the lower regions; if you're not careful).

My bet is that Greg and Rich are different persons, but that Icabod is Rich's "alter ego", if you know what I mean...

No shit.
Rich Eter Once again, folks, there is still a chance to get those last requests in for stuff. I'm finishing up sex scenes. I've added this giving head thing like Greg requested. I'm sure it will be better than anything he has in his supposed Handyman game.
I just added some hot girl last nihgt. Here's another question, do you think my character shouuld be able to have sex with the lesbians shown in the demo? I sure think so.

I'm so excited!

Like I said, Icabod has been added as the evil bastard in the game. You will pay, Icabod, you evil, backstabbing bastard. With friends like you, who needs enemies!
Greg Tommers One nice feature that I'm planning to incorporate into Handyman 4 is the ability to rub Handyman's member between the boobies of certain fine ladies. Also, you can use a tongue, finger, or your trusty wrench in place of a dick in *any* of the 4 standard positions! Feel free to incorporate these ideas into FQ2!

Danger Echidna Hey, Rich!  Just want to let you know I'm totally looking forward to your new FQ game...  I really dug the first one...

Keep up the good work, and the needlessly explicit sex scenes!
m1k237 Richard!

I really hope F
John Bock How long is the story line for this game?
John Bock Any music needed for this game?
Rich Eter Yeah, the game is much bigger than the first. There are at least four chicks that you can screw in this game! Compare that to only one you could screw in the first game. Screwing women is the zest of life, or so they say. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. This game has old friends and new. It also has new enemies (hint: Icabod).
I'm so excited!

John Bock You know Icepod personally in reality?  My game will have people who will bother you (which I know of in reality too) .  I have a part in my game where you will see an attorney office building and you will read a sign.  The sign will have a list of the offensive and explicit computer games out there (including mine) and will read that you need a lawyer if you get offended by such obsene computer games.  Do you want your FQ1 and FQ2 to be on that list?
asdrf :-X :-/ :'( :P >:( :( :o 8) ??? 8) :D :) ;D :P ;Dis this game done yet or what :o :P
sonneveld feh.

I thought this thread had died.

- Nick